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However, location-based services are becoming available on a wider range of phones, and that trend will likely continue. There is a lot of interest in tracking cell phones via their built-in GPS chips. Tracking falls into three categories, including location sharing, voluntary tracking , and secret tracking. As with any technology, care must be taken to respect privacy and to prevent the release of private data to individuals who should not have access to it.

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How To Track A Phone Number: The Definitive Guide

Location-Sharing Tracking. Location-sharing social media applications are commonly available for touch-screen smartphones. These applications, such as Apple Find My Friends and Glympse , show your real-time location to a group of friends you select, or they broadcast it publicly. These applications help you connect with friends or business associates but should be used with care, especially the public access feature. You may view friends' positions on your phone or via a web browser. Voluntary Tracking. These services show tracked phone locations on a map accessible via a web browser or mobile phone.

It has several location-tracking related features built-in.

Once installed, you can use Spyic to track someone's location in real-time. It also gives you an overview of someone's location history. It's user-vetted and reliable.

How To Track a Phone Number: The Definitive Guide

You can trust the app. For iOS devices, you can set up and use Spyic remotely. You can then track a phone number via Spyic without having to physically access the device.

For Android devices, you need brief physical access to the target device to install a tiny app on it. After Spyic is installed, you can thereafter monitor the phone's location remotely.

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Step 3: Follow the provided setup instructions. It only takes 5 minutes. After that, wait for Spyic to sync up with the target device. Step 4: Login to the Spyic dashboard from any phone or PC browser. Look for the "Location" option in the selection menu on the left. That's it - you're now tracking the cell phone's location!

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The location's window is a font of useful information. You'll be able to see all the following:.

Last-seen location: The target's last seen location will be pinned on an interactive map and also listed below. Past locations: You'll see a summary of last-visited locations in reverse chronological order. Coordinates: Every tracked location will be accompanied by its exact geographical coordinates. Since Spyic was designed to be a parental monitoring app, it can be hidden, if necessary.

You can even set up a virtual geofence to know when the cell phone leaves or enters an area. Apart from location tracking, it offers other useful features like messages, social media, pictures, video, and call tracking. What if you don't have physical access to the cell phone in question? What if you're called from an anonymous number?

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Can you still track the phone's location? At times like these, you can use a reverse phone lookup service like WhitePages.

Find out how to keep tabs on your phone with these handy tracking tips and apps

What is a reverse phone lookup service? It essentially takes an input phone number and matches it publically-available with identity and address records. If available, information about the phone number's owner is retrieved for you.

Part 2: How to Track a Cell Phone Location with the Number of the Cell Phone

A service like WhitePages should be able to retrieve at least some relevant information about the phone's owner. All you need to do is input the cell phone number in the provided blank form field.