Track iphone with imei for free

In this case, we recommend Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery to help you restore your contacts, photos , text messages, and many other data from your iTunes backup or iCloud backup to the computer. Before proceeding further, you should know what the IMEI number is. IMEI plays a vital role in the security system of mobile devices.

Find stolen phone by IMEI number

Once it is blacklisted from any GSM network, your iPhone cannot be used again with that network and sometimes other networks in the specific country, even if the SIM is changed. In this way, you can keep your information and data safe even you cannot find it.

Is it Possible to Track iPhone Using IMEI Tracker?

In the last part, you have learned what the IMEI number is. Now here comes the question — how to find it? As mentioned before, you can see the IMEI number behind the battery of your device.

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But what if you have lost your iPhone? You can try the following three ways. Usually, the IMEI number of your iPhone will be listed over the bar code label on its original packaging box.

Welcome to #1 IMEI Tracker

Go to the website: appleid. Click on your iPhone from a list of your Apple devices, and you will be presented with the IMEI number, as well as the model, iOS version, and the serial number of your iPhone.

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Go to the Settings of another iOS device and tap on [your name]. On the Apple ID screen, you can see a list of your other devices, including your iPhone.


Tell them that your iPhone is lost or stolen, and ask them to add your iPhone to the gray list of the IMEI database so that they can track your iPhone, even if it is being used with another SIM card or being turned off. When your iPhone is located, you can request your service provider to block your iPhone to prevent it from being used by others. You can also report the IMEI number to authorities so that they can inform you when your iPhone is found.

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That is why seller clicks a photo and update on purchase software for future references. The manufacturer of iOS can track and block the phone on the request of the owner by using both the units whenever required. Moreover, police station nearest to your region maintains records of the newly purchased phones on request of the seller known as the registry.

Part 1. Can I Track My iPhone with the Serial Number and IMEI?

Once you have purchased and did all formalities for payments, then the time has come to take a picture or note down the serial number of the iPhone somewhere. Remember to note down the number at a place or notebook which is readily available for future.

Mostly, people click the image and keep on the mobile iCloud system. Here are some steps by which you can track the iPhone using the serial number-. Give them the serial number with an application to track the device. Ask the provider to deactivate the device if you lost it or it is missing for hours. Once deactivated by using the serial number through a system it cannot be used for any purposes and will become a piece of garbage.

No more calls or data misuse is possible after deactivation of the device. The provider will ask you to report to the nearest police station so that they can legally start the process of surveillance.

How to track a lost phone using IMEI number

This serial number is set on the radar of satellite that reads the GPS location and mobiles activity. With the use of the serial number almost accurate location of the device could be traced. Once the location is traceable for a regular period on the same location, then immediately police is notified by the provider for specific action.

This way the iPhone is easy to track, and you can retrieve the device soon. IMEI is the international mobile equipment identity number which usually people find on their itemized bill copy printed or manually written.