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This is where you can select an app to override your phone's location reporting.

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It's a little different on newer Android versions, but we've outlined the process here. Once successful, you'll see a toast message saying "You are now a developer," and you'll find the Developer Options menu at the bottom of your main Settings page or here on Android 9. This will allow the GPS spoofing app to change your device's location. Next, go ahead and open the Mock GPS app from your app drawer. You'll be prompted to give the app permission to access your location settings, so tap "Continue," then press "Allow. Now you're ready to spoof your location.

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You can either pan and zoom around the map and manually tap a location, or you can use the search function to look for a specific address. Once you've found a spot and marked it, tap "Click to teleport here" and your location will immediately change. If you were able to check your parents' tracking app, you'd see that you moved to the spot you chose. This part is pretty self-explanatory, but I included it as a separate step to emphasize its importance.

When you're done "hiding" from your parents, make sure to disable location spoofing by opening the Mock GPS and tapping the stop button.

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Otherwise, your parents will know something's up when their GPS tracking app still shows you at school when you're physically at home. After you tap the stop button, your phone's real location will be reported to any GPS tracking app you have installed.

This might result in an unrealistic jump in location, which can give you away. So you may need to mimic traveling by incrementally changing your location a few times before stopping the GPS spoofer.

In general, you probably don't want evidence of the GPS spoofer running on your phone. But there's an ongoing notification and an on-screen overlay when the app is active, which could potentially give you away.

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Next, choose "Notifications" and disable the switch at the top of the screen. To get rid of the on-screen overlay, look for "Draw over other apps" on the same app info page for Mock GPS. If it's not there, search your phone's settings for "Draw over other apps" and select Mock GPS from the sub-menu. Google Fit will attempt to work even on older Android phones, but it will work most accurately — and with the least battery drain — on newer phones that include these low-power sensors.

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We periodically poll accelerometer and use Machine Learning and heuristics to correctly identify the activity and duration. For devices with hardware step counters, we use these step counters to monitor step counts. For older devices, we use the activity detected to predict the right number of steps.

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This information is tied to your Google account, so you can also access it at Google Fit on the web. Dedicated watches and fitness-tracking devices may be able to provide more data to these health and fitness apps, but your phone can provide some of the basics. Just remember to take your phone with you!

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